Philippine-American Association of Madison & Neighboring Areas

PAMANA has 5 Standing Committees and several Ad hoc committees. 

For the 2018-2019 term, here are the committee chairs and members.

Scholarship - PAMANA has established a scholarship program to assist member’s children who plan to continue their education in college. The program supports a wide range of educational options, including vocational and technical training, and associate and bachelor’s degrees. The committee reviews scholarship applications and present to the board for approval.

 Chair  Ruchelle Elliott
 Member  Mary Jane "Ging" De Lorme
 Member  Jacie Schreiner
 Member Lyna Rynders
 BOD Liaison to the Board  Janette Jordee

Community Outreach - This committee allows PAMANA members and its supporters to provide volunteering and service to various non-profits and service organizations in the Madison area.  PAMANA has historically helped the Second Harvest Foodbank of South  Central Wisconsin and Bratfest. Recently, PAMANA has been volunteering to support the Half Ironman and Ironman Wisconsin events.  Ironman events volunteering have allowed PAMANA to receive grants from the Ironman Foundation which in turn is used in various PAMANA program activities.  

 Chair  Joseph "Bong-Bong" Barut
 Member  Lynelle Harrison
 Member  Open
 Member  Open
 Member  Open

Please contact Bong-Bong Barut, if interested to serve.

Cultural Education - The mission of PAMANA’s Cultural Education Committee is to promote and impart the Filipino tradition, culture and legacy through (cultural and education) outreach activities in order to further community relations and share the rich heritage of the Philippines.

 Co-Chair  Jenny Ybanez
 Co-Chair  Lynelle Harrison
 Member  Eugenia Best
 Member  Rina Courtier
 Member  Agnes Salvo
 Member  Marechiel Santos-Lang

Please contact Jenny Ybanez, if interested to serve.

Membership & Communication - The purpose of the committee is to develop and coordinate membership retention and recruitment activities and programs and to manage the publicity activities of the association as a way to share information among current PAMANA members and supporters to connect, foster unity and harmony among the Filipino-American community in South Central Wisconsin.

 Chair  Marechiel Santos-Lang
 Member  Marie Rose Barut
 Member  Romeo Castillo
 Member  Ruchelle Elliott
 Member  Al Gutierrez
 Member Tom Mejia
 Member Bobby Pagas
 Member Charisa Stauffacher
 MemberMarivic Valencia
 Member Jenny Ybanez
 Member Noli Ybanez

Please contact Marechiel Santos-Lang, if interested to serve.

Social Services - PAMANA has established a social services relief fund to assist members, the Filipinos in the Greater Madison Area, and families of local residents affected by calamities in the Philippines who are undergoing immediate challenges and financial hardship. The committee will review the applications and present to the board for approval.

 Chair Vacant
 Member Nick Bedua
 Member Charisa Stauffacher
 Member Janette Jordee
 Member Lyna Rynders

Please contact Janette Jordee if interested to serve.

Ad Hoc Committees

By-Laws Amendment

 Chair  Marechiel Santos-Lang
 Member  Janette Jordee
 Member  Al Gutierrez
 Member  Joseph Barut
 Member  Jun Gonzales
 Member  Christopher Santos-Lang (facilitator)
 Member  Agnes Salvo
 Member  Jerry Salvo

Contact Marechiel Santos-Lang, if interested to serve.

Summer Picnic 2019  - Saturday, July 27, 2019, Lake Farm Park; 1:30-5PM

Chair  Marechiel Santos-Lang
Co-Chair  Lyna Rynders
Member  Allan Rosanes
Member  Al Gutierrez
Member  Ruchelle Elliott
Member  Ana Rose Biala Doyon
Member  Ging De Lorme
Member  Emma Rose De Jesus Traxler
Advisor  Jerry Salvo
Advisor  Agnes Salvo

Christmas Party 2019

Now recruiting sub-committee leaders. Contact Lynelle Harrison, if interested to serve.

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