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Philippine-American Association of Madison & Neighboring Areas

Organization Purpose

  • Foster unity and harmony among Filipino, Filipino-American, and other communities throughout Madison and neighboring areas by facilitating communal activities and by welcoming new residents.
  • Share Filipino culture in Madison and neighboring areas by showcasing the talents of local and visiting Filipino and Filipino-American cultural group performers.
  • Support events and organizations that promote cultural diversity.
  • Develop and provide resources and assistance for new residents and PAMANA members, and for non-members when circumstances dictate.
  • Create opportunities for children and youth to enrich their awareness of Filipino culture and to enjoy activities with Filipino-American children.
  • Contribute to humanitarian projects in Madison and neighboring areas. It may also contribute to humanitarian projects in the Philippines. However, any funds used to support endeavors outside Wisconsin would be raised by means other than raffles.
  • Recognize all individuals who contribute to PAMANA, notwithstanding their socio-economic background, religion, tradition, profession, gender, or sexual orientation. It will promote respect and understanding of differences among its members. 
  • PAMANA is a non-sectarian group.

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